The global logistics is becoming more complex due to increased demand in IT solutions and we are dedicated to provide such solutions highlighting the visibility of the supply chain and the introduction of new products and services to assist our customers to manage his business in the most efficient way. Deep knowledge of our customer needs, aggressive use of internet technologies, total compromise with the expansion of investments and services is what differentiate our logistics services, providing a leverage for growth at the same time that we expand our book of business and offer our logistic and service experience in IT to leading customers in sectors such as industrial, services and sales.
Do you want to concentrate all your efforts in your main skills? Our professionals in logistics measure and administrate your operations in that area to assist you to obtain a better economic and operational result. The logistic is the process of plan, execute and control of assets and services from the origin point upto the final destination, with the target to attend the needs of the customers. To achieve that customers target, HD8 deliver the proper products and/or services in the convenient place, in the proper moment and in the desired conditions controlling in joint all process that make part of the service. This is how we contribute to companies be able to dispose their product or service in accordance to their needs and with highest profitability.
Transport and Distribution
Do you have special transport needs ? Our services of multimodal transport (sea, road, rail, air) can offer the flexibility that you need to transport your products where need to be and in the time that need to be there at the best and lowest possible cost.
Problems managing your international supply chain ? The consolidation division of our company can help you to keep all under control either at origin and/or at destination as well as during the transportation giving you the information needed to manage your global supply chain.
Unique needs or special warehousing or distribution requirements? We have business units and partnerships to maintain all your storage needs and demands at any place.
Exports and Imports
Export and/or import projects from the market reasearch point going thru the new market openings, sales improvement, logistic processes, distribution channels, negotiations with suppliers and service providers.
Analyze and recommend the Best supply chain options to be applied to each o four customers to reduce costs and maximize the results of their operations.
We have in-house translators specialized in texts and documents related to foreing trade business as well as in other áreas such as legal, medical, biochemistry, marketing, human resources, among others.
Customs Broker
This is one of our main áreas since is very sensitive in the import and/or export process, counting with specialized professionals to attend the different demands and requirements of our customers and their cargoes.